Welcome to church today.  It is great to have you with us and I know you will be encouraged by meeting together to worship our great God.

Today we are going to do two things.  First of all we are going to continue to hear about Jesus, King of the Jews from Mark’s gospel.   Secondly we are going to hear about ministry in outer western NSW from James and Britt Daymond.  Both of these things are not unrelated.

Firstly to Jesus.  Over the last few weeks we have seen that the major mission of Jesus is faith.  He wants people to have faith in him. He wants people to trust in God.   These are the same thing.  Last week we saw that the miracles are not his primary objective but rather faith is.  He is not mechanical or automatic but relational and he wants people to take him at his word and to trust him.

The problem with faith though is that it can be rejected. This is what we see today.  We see people who are amazed, astonished and perplexed by Jesus but they don’t trust.  It is trust that Jesus wants.

James and Britt are members of St Clement’s who have gone out with Bush Church Aid to work in the town of Narromine.  They have been visiting people (actually everyone) in the local area and telling them about Jesus.  I know that they too have experienced rejection for Jesus’ sake. Probably lots of times but not always.  This is the great news and of course the great news of Jesus, by the work of his Spirit he enables people to enter into a relationship with him ie: to trust Him.

I know you will be encouraged by what you hear today because you will hear of Jesus. What we need to do also is to trust in him.