19th of November 2017

Thou will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee’  Isaiah 26:3 

Welcome to 8am church and to the second last in our series on Return to God from the book of Hosea.  Today’s passage makes for fairly sober reading and as they say in the classics: you should have been here last week.  But all is not lost. 

The passage today compares the state of 8th century BC Israel with its forefather Jacob.  Indeed, he was the one who gave Israel its name.  What he shows them is the value of perseverance with the Lord. 

We all need to persevere with God.  Sometimes life can throw us curved balls, sometimes not.  Many will be disappointed with the outcome of the vote and indeed with the legislation going through Federal Parliament but whatever the circumstances our trust must be in God as the above quote says.

I read a great quote during the week about what a perfect human looks like.  It said, “the perfect human would appreciate fully the height, depth and length of what it means to live in the presence of God no matter what the vicissitudes of life may bring”. 

The truth is that Jesus is the perfect human.  Whatever life threw at him, he was always faithful to his heavenly Father.  It is in his death and resurrection that his obedience substitutes for the obedience I should have shown.  He took the penalty I deserve. 

One author translated the above passage as “I will keep my trust fixed on him”.  So, if you hear nothing else today may that be our motto – for in Him we find perfect peace.

God bless