3rd September 2017

Welcome to St Clement’s.

With Fathers’ Day today, I’ve been thinking about a verse from Psalm 103. ‘As a father has compassion for his children, so the LORD has compassion for those who fear him.’ (Psalm 103:13 NRSV). In this verse, David reflects on a picture of human compassion, that of a father’s concern for the situation of his child. At their best, fathers would do anything they could for their children in trouble. David says this is what the LORD is like. He has compassion for those who fear him, he’ll do anything to help their situation.

As we’ve been looking at Paul’s letter to the Romans this term, we’ve seen our situation is dire. Paul has concluded in 3:9, that all are under the power of sin, and that there is no one who is right with God. This is where the promise of Psalm 103:13 is so wonderful. ‘The Lord has compassion for those who fear him.’ He has done everything to help our situation, as we’ll see in our passage from Romans 3:21-26 today.

What is it that God has done? He has made us right with him, that is, justified us. How has he done this? Through the death of his Son, through Jesus’ blood, as Jesus died in our place for our sins on the cross. In other wonderful words of assurance from Psalm 103, God does not repay us according to our sins, instead he has removed our transgressions from us. What wonderful gospel, what wonderful good news!

Let’s rejoice in this today. Rejoice in our good and loving heavenly Father.