26th of June 2017

Welcome to church today, the second last in our series on Ecclesiastes and the last Sunday in the 2016/2017 financial year. We will be thinking on the need to remember our Creator, praying for the needs of the world and hearing about the CMS Lasting Hope Appeal.

In Ecclesiastes ch 12 we read that we are to “Remember our Creator in the days of our youth”. Solomon has come to his conclusion that there is no meaning in life apart from God. In these last few chapters Solomon is keen that we keep serving the Lord, knowing He is in control and remembering the One who made us. Mark will tell us more today.

Remembering your Creator in your youth is often a hard thing to do. There are so many other possibilities and suggested ways to live and yet Ecclesiastes tell us it is crucial for us. Why is that? The passage says this is because the days after youth are difficult. Things get broken, life gets more difficult and work seems ceaseless. What Ecclesiastes seems to be saying is knowing that he is our Creator during the good times will place us in the best place for the hard times which are sure to come. I find this to be true. Those who have hidden God’s word in their heart, though they struggle, know that he is in control and has all things in his hands.


Today I also thought I would bring before you the appeal for funds by CMS. CMS is the missionary arm of the Anglican denomination and other Christian churches. We have links with CMS Victoria through Andrew and Dom Gifford who serve in Barcelona and are currently back in Australia for furlough. They have missionaries throughout the world and here at home. CMS is trying to raise $1.4 million to continue and extend that work. They have already raised $600,000. We will see a video from them today.

All of us are created by God, whether we are a charity worker, a terrorist or a clergyman. All of us will one down bow the knee to Christ, some willingly, some because they realised they were wrong. We will do this because Jesus never forgot who he was, because Jesus never forgot that his Father was ruler and king and that He called the shots.


Do I remember my Creator? No not all the time. Too frequently I think I am in control. Jesus died that I might be forgiven my assault on God’s benevolent rule. In Christ and in his service I find the meaning of life.


Worship him with me today will you please.