19 June 2017

Welcome to church today. It is great to have you with us. We will in our prayers be praying for the people of London (given the events of the week past) and also for our organist George Bate. George’s mother Beverley passed away at the beginning of last week. We will also congratulate George because he and Claire are engaged to be married later in the year. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.

Over the last few weeks we have been concentrating on the benefits of Christ’s death and resurrection. We have celebrated his ascension, his gift of the Holy Spirit and his place in the Trinity. This week, and in the weeks ahead, we are going to think more on what it means to follow him, to know Him, to love and serve Him. Above all we will worship Him as our Lord and Saviour. The great truth is that God is bringing all things together in Him.

Our sermon today continues our series in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. We have seen Solomon (presumably at the end of his life) trying to find a cohesive principle, a way to live, a motto to live by. Time and time again we have seen these plans frustrated and any path, other than God, blocked. More and more frequently Solomon comes to the conclusion that what he needs to do is to Fear God and keep his commandments. Now of course this is what we need to do to. The truth is we don’t. Jesus is the only one who feared his Father keeping his commandments.  A good question for us, who are in Jesus, is whether we are tempted by similar paths away from Christ.

Also in the services today I want to highlight the needs of Anglicare as we draw near to the end of the financial year.  We have ourselves made budget to this point of the year but Christian organisations like Anglicare and CMS also need our help.  We will see the work of Anglicare today and CMS next week. Please consider their call.

Finally it is communion Sunday.  The Sunday once a month where we have the Lord’s Supper at all services.  I read a great truth during the week.  It said this “if [our] condition is such that we cannot come to the light and so join him in the bosom of the Father, he can join [us] where we are under the judgment of God and in his death ….. draw all men to himself”  (G  B Caird New Testament Theology).  Please worship our Saviour with me. Stuart