23rd of April 2017

Welcome to church today.  It is great to have you with us.  I seem to have been changing my mind a lot lately and today is no different.  While I intended to preach on The Songs of Heaven as was advertised.   I am not.  What I am going  to do is preach on the 2 disciples on the road to Emmaus who met the risen Jesus.  Let me tell you why.

 The first reason for preaching on the road to Emmaus is an obvious one.  It is the final story in the gospel of Luke and one we didn’t get time to consider. Luke who started the gospel in the temple finishes it in the Temple, showing its fulfilment in Christ.   The second reason is a pictorial one.  This is because the window above the holy table at St Clements depicts this scene.  Commonly mistaken for the Lord’s Supper (including me I might add), the window in fact shows Jesus breaking the bread in the house of Cleopas.  So I don’t really need a picture today – I just need to lift the screen.


The third reason is validity.  You see this passage has caused a lot of people confusion over the years.  People who have been keen to deny the physical resurrection of Christ have looked at this passage  for justification for that view.  They have said it wasn’t a physically resurrected Jesus they met on the road (even though the passage says that), what happened was a spiritual resurrection.  This spiritual interpretation says because their hearts were strangly warmed when they met Jesus, this was a remembrance of Jesus not an actual physical sighting.  (I am always amazed at how people know better than the people who were there).  This remembrance of him, reminding themselves of what he had said and done, was for these interpreters; the resurrection.  This view is not so strongly around today but I did find quite a few people who still think this.  The truth he did appear and his speaking showed how the Scriptures point to Him.  God has fulfilled his promises in Christ.  It is this we need to concentrate on and hear.


Today then we are going to look at the meeting of the risen Jesus on the road to Emmaus.   I do hope you hearts are warmed by this truth but even more I hope you rejoice that Christ is risen, he is risen indeed.