6th of March 2017

Welcome to St Clement’s!

As we look at Luke’s gospel this term, I’m really enjoying learning and being challenged by many things from our Heavenly Father. We’ve seen who God is, who His Son Jesus is, what He sent Jesus to do, and what it means to follow Jesus. We’ll keep on seeing these themes and more as we continue. But I just want to think about one of these themes i.e. what God sent Jesus to do. Luke 19:10 is a great summary it says:

Jesus said: “the Son of Man came to seek and

to save the lost.” (Luke 19:10 NIV)

Now the problem is, I’m often too proud to recognise I’m lost! Whether it’s when driving, or trying to find something in the supermarket, I think that I can do it myself without help. It seems to me this kind of ‘I can do it myself’ attitude is something ingrained into our hearts. That’s why our culture says you just need to try hard and you can achieve your dreams. You can do it! Now it’s right to try hard, and it might work out that we can achieve many things in life, but when it comes to being right with God, trying hard doesn’t work!

Here’s the hard truth that we’ve seen in Luke’s good news about Jesus: that without faith in Jesus we are lost before God. It doesn’t matter how hard we try to be good, or excuse the wrong we do, we can’t be right with God without Jesus finding us. What a wonderfully liberating truth it is that God has sent Jesus to find us!

Now there are many implications of this. Here are two, firstly, we should rejoice and praise God for what He has done for us (let’s do that today as we gather together, but also every day). Secondly, we should tell others that God wants them to be found too, and sent Jesus to find them. I know this is hard, especially when people don’t see they are lost, but we’ve got a great opportunity before us with Easter coming. Let’s use the opportunity to invite others to our Easter services and hear the good news that Jesus came to seek and save the lost.